Office hours 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Front Office 650-856-1672

Palo Verde Staff


Room Name E-mail Position Ext
Office Hillary Miller Principal  
Office Jenny Hsiung Secretary 4352
Office Elaine Chase Clerk 4353
Office Margarita Sandoval Family Engagement Specialist  
Office Carlos Valencia Verduzco   Day Custodian  
Office Jose Revueltas   Night Custodian  
Note: Instructional aides work under the direction of the classroom teacher to provide small group support within the classroom. All of our 18 classrooms receive classroom aide support.


Room Name E-mail Ext Aide Online
1 Laila Agrama 6459 Amy Ball  
2 Andy Blumberg 6097 Angie Kung Site
3 Sujin Park Argel 6821 Amy Ball  
3 Katelyn Black 6821 Amy Ball  

Grade 1

Room Name E-mail Ext Aide Online
4 LilyAnn Stolp 5904 AnneMarie Hallada  
5 Kathleen Rice 5434 Yvonne Dennis  
6 Lynn Lin 5575 Yvonne Dennis  

Grade 2

Room Name E-mail Ext Aide Online
7 Nina Vatkina  6299 Alice Cassidy  
8 Janet Rose 5082 Laurence Kancherla  
8 Susan Tachna 5082 Laurence Kancherla  
11 Keri Ghiorso 5665 Alice Cassidy  

Grade 3

Room Name E-mail Ext Aide Online
12 Sheri Cundall 5418 Alice Cassidy  
13 Laura Hull 5260 AnneMarie Hallada  
15 Tori Shaffer 6326 Susan Contreras  

Grade 4

Room Name E-mail Ext Aide Online
14 Trebor Winslow 5795 Christine Brackenbury Site
16 Susan Kim 6057 Lynn Benas  
17 Paula Watson 5263 Yvonne Dennis  

Grade 5

Room Name E-mail Ext Aide Online
18 Jennifer Aza Allan 5370 Susan Contreras  
18  Susan Deutsch 5370 Susan Contreras  
19 David Hoshizaki 5154 Lauren Aspegren  
20 Jenna Segall 5856 Lynnette Carey  


Room Name E-mail Ext   Online
Library Amy Hansen 5193 Librarian  


Room Name E-mail/Phone Ext    
9 Joanne Soraghan 6412

Resource Specialist                                                                       

Aides: Angie Mann, Lynnette Carey, Sharissa Estremera, Keshia Theobald-van Gent

10 Natalie Bivas 5401 Reading Specialist   
10 Amanda Gantley   English Language Development  
Office Sabrina Cheng 5984 Speech / Language Clinician  
Office Laura Post 5108 School Psychologist  
n/a Robin Smith  

Grades K-3 Music

n/a Allison Zenner   Grade 4 Music  
n/a Kris Rubenis/Sue Macy/Keith Hunter

  Grade 5 Flute and Bells/Clarinet/Brass  
n/a Tracey Mumford/Janet Lynch

  Grade 5 Strings  
n/a Diane Saunders   Physical Education (PE)  
n/a Dawn Irvine (650) 856 1672   Spectra Art (upper grades)  
n/a Charlene Temple (650) 856 1672   Spectra Art (lower grades)