Palo Verde has a positive and supportive learning environment with clear and consistent standards for behavior. Through the cooperative learning environment, the school helps students develop leadership responsibilities, problem solving, and teamwork skills necessary to be successful and productive members of the larger community.

The Palo Verde curriculum provides an engaging instructional setting and a cooperative learning environment in which students are challenged academically and encouraged to develop leadership responsibilities, critical thinking, problem solving and independent learning skills.

Class size reduction has been implemented in kindergarten, first, second and third grades with a maximum class size of 20 per room for kindergarten, 22 for first, and 23 per room for second and third. Fourth and fifth grades average 24 students per classroom. Average daily attendance exceeds 95%.

Hands-on activities, guest speakers, field trips, and special projects all help to broaden the classroom experience. Students receive lessons in art, science, music and physical education through district and community programs.

The highly qualified faculty at Palo Verde has 24 classroom teachers including three pairs of teachers who job share; a full-time resource specialist for identified special education students; a 40 percent English Language Development teacher, 80 percent librarian, 80 percent reading specialist, 60 percent school psychologist, and a 50 percent language/speech specialists. Instructional aides assist in all classrooms. District Physical Education and Music instructors meet with students in grades 1 - 5 on a weekly basis (kindergarten Music and PE classes begin after students start the full day schedule in October).

Parents are an important part of the Palo Verde education program. Parent volunteers assist with classroom activities, field trips, community events, and special projects. Community members also volunteer their time to tutor students in reading and math. On-going communication with parents is established through the monthly Palo Verde Voice newsletter, our weekly eNews, classroom newsletters, parent conferences, curriculum meetings, the annual Spring Open House and PTA meetings and coffees.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) coordinates volunteer activities and school-wide events and raises funds to supplement district programs at the site level. Parent-teacher committees have enhanced technology at the site and have promoted traffic safety, art programs and science and book fairs.

Parents and teachers work in partnership at Palo Verde to provide a positive and supportive learning environment and the best educational setting possible for students.

Palo Verde is a great place to attend elementary school!

Vision and Mission

Mastering academic skills, developing intellectual capacity, enjoying and participating in the arts, applying human relation skills, and increasing physical abilities, are vital to the full development of each child.

Palo Verde teachers, administrators, parents, and students provide a unique collaborative setting to develop minds and a love of learning, enrich experiences, solve problems, expand horizons, and encourage caring, responsible human relationships, in a safe supportive environment.

To excel in our society, our children need firm grounding in the basic skills in addition to critical thinking, problem solving techniques, and computer skills. Skills and knowledge are acquired through careful instruction and guidance by the teacher, sometimes in individualized and sometimes in small group or whole class instruction.

We believe that the arts are fundamental. Children grown to adulthood are likely to cherish memories of the times they performed in a class play, a choral or instrumental music program, or an arts or crafts activity. We know that success in the arts moves many children to the pursuit of fundamental academic skills.

We also believe that human relations values should be pursued with vigor and enthusiasm. A child who believes in his or her own worth is a child ready to learn. A child who believes in the worth of others contributes to a more caring society.

It is, therefore, our very strong commitment to provide adult examples of caring, warmth, and respect for one another and for the children. We help children develop attitudes and skills to appreciate and respect each other. We emphasize manners, eye contact, and active listening. We strive for a pleasant and safe atmosphere in the classroom and on the playground. We strive for positive reinforcement helping children accept responsibility for their actions and learning to solve problems in a responsible manner.

We seek to address the wide-ranging needs of our students in so far as our talents and resources permit. The skills of classroom teachers are supplemented by those of aides and volunteers. Parents, grandparents and community members make substantial contributions to our school. Specialists and other support staff use their expertise to help students with special needs and gifts as well as students within the broad mainstream.

We seek to build a sense of community among the students and the adults in their lives, fostering feelings of mutual trust and commitment to a unified effort.

Learning is not always easy. Children need to feel the challenge of moving beyond the known and the comfortable. It takes skilled and caring teachers to stretch the child's horizons without moving too far too fast. It takes an able and hardworking staff to develop a cohesive program and to share knowledge of and responsibility for each child through his or her years at Palo Verde. It takes a variety of children in every classroom to prepare each child for living in our complex society.

We believe in the value of bringing together children of differing strengths, abilities and talents. With our efforts and yours added to the children's will to succeed, we are convinced that children at Palo Verde will become life long learners, with rich and varied interests, who will believe in their own worth and will contribute to a caring society.

School Accountability Report Card

Since November 1988, state law requires all public schools that receive state funding to prepare and distribute a SARC.

A similar requirement is also contained in the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about each public school, such as program performance and existing conditions at the school.

A SARC is an effective way for a school to report on its progress in achieving goals.

The public may also use a SARC to evaluate and compare schools on a variety of indicators.

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Palo Verde​ is one of the elementary public schools in the Palo Alto Unified School District(PAUSD).