Earth Day is Sunday, and Palo Verde's Earth Week observance will be next week.  In the past, we have had fundraisers for organizations that do good things for the environment, and spirit days to show our Earth Week spirit.  
This year, we are taking the week as an opportunity to reflect on our own practices as a community—changing our behavior, Stepping Away From the Plastic.  Our earth is in crisis, in part to the overuse of non-reusable plastic.  This week, we are all going to make a change.  Student Council & Green Team students from 3rd through 5th grade will be monitoring the bins at lunch, and collecting straws, in conjuntion with a local Girl Scout project.  
Next week (and beyond) we are asking for everyone to avoid non-reusable plastic:
  1. water bottles
  2. straws
  3. plastic bags
  4. sandwich baggies
  5. cling wrap

For more information about Earth Day and Plastic Pollution efforts, go to:

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.