Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! 

The school website and the information enclosed in the back to school packet will help to answer many of the questions you may have about Palo Verde this school year. Please take the time to read each handout, including the PTA packet and PiE donation form, communication sign-ups, and safety information. There are a few updates, so please read carefully. If you have further questions after reading, please ask another parent, stop by the office, or check our website at http://paloverde.pausd.org.  Some information included in this packet is:

  • Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Partners in Education (PiE) are critical parts of our school’s community. The academic and social/emotional programs they support are integral in providing a well-rounded education for every child. We are fortunate to be part of a community that maintains this ongoing and generous commitment to our children’s success. When reviewing the packet, please note how each group supports our school in different ways and consider making a donation.
  • Daily Schedule:  School is back in session on August 14th! School starts promptly at 8:15am each morning for all grade levels. Please plan how your child will get to school, keeping in mind how hectic it can be in our neighborhood in the minutes leading up to the start of school.  Ideally, students are on campus 5-10 minutes before the bell rings so that they can be ready to enter their classrooms on time. Kindergarten dismisses at 11:45AM, 1st/2nd/3rd grades dismiss at 2:15 PM, and 4th/5th grades dismiss at 2:50 PM.  Every Wednesday, 1st through 5th grades dismiss students at 1:15 PM.  Full day Kindergarten (identical schedule to 1st through 3rd grades) begins on October 8th. For safety reasons, please remember that once students are dismissed from class, they must be supervised at all times while on campus by an adult family member or designated caregiver. 
  • Driving Near Palo Verde/Parking and Drop-Off: Student drop-off and pick-up requires a heightened level of safety. Over 400 students come and go in a short period of time each school day, and we ask adults to take special precautions during these times; and walk, ride, or carpool whenever possible. If possible, please walk from home or park a block away from campus and walk. If you drive, please be especially aware of bike lanes and crosswalks; and never park in fire lanes around the school.  
  • New Family Welcome & Coffee: New Palo Verde families, please join me in the multipurpose (MP) room on Thursday, August 16th, just after morning drop-off to learn more about our community.
  • The Palo Verde Handbook: This important document will be sent home with new families, is available in the office, and is posted on our school’s website under the “Explore” tab. The Handbook contains important information for students and parents such as schedules, behavior expectations, attendance procedures, and more. We encourage you to read through this and discuss it with your child and to refer to it throughout the year for answers to many of the questions that may arise.

Palo Verde is an incredible community, and I look forward to working with you to continue to make it even better.