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Child Care

Palo Verde Kids' Club
  • The Palo Verde Kids' Club is an on-site child care program provided by Palo Alto Community Child Care (PACCC). The program includes snacks, quiet homework time, craft activities, games, outdoor activities and special events.
  • Palo Verde Kids' Club is accepting new students for both permanent and drop-in care. Flexible schedules are also available. Hours are after school - 6pm and full days 7:30-6:00pm.
  • For more information contact:
    Rocio Andrade, Director
    Cassandra Taylor, Assistant Director
    3450 Louis Road
    T (650) 852-9475
    F (650) 493-0936
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Right at School

After School Classes

Most after-school programs at Palo Verde are run by separate businesses or non-profits which contract with the school to rent space on campus. Any questions about these programs or registration should be directed to the contacts listed on the registration forms.

After School Programs – details and registration information

After-school programs are approved by the principal (not the PTA) and sign contracts with the school, which require specific insurance coverage and rent amounts. PTA may assist the principal from time-to-time (at her request) in suggesting or vetting programs that would be a good fit for Palo Verde and for our community. The decisions of what programs to contract with and how many programs to offer are the principal's.

If you have an after-school program to recommend, please know that these are the criteria:

  • Does the program fit within the Palo Verde educational philosophy?
  • Does the program offer something that is not abundantly available in the community?
  • Does the program appeal to a significant segment of our school community?
  • Do we have physical space for the program?

Other factors which influence how many and which programs will be offered on campus:

  • The aim is to strike a balance of offerings.
  • Programs that are focused solely on competition are not considered.
  • Programs limited to one gender are generally not considered.
  • Programs are required to carry insurance, pay facility-rental fees to the school, and sign contracts with Palo Verde with that information.
  • New programs must offer the opportunity for scholarship or reduced fees for needy families.

If you have a program to recommend which meets the above criteria, please contact the Palo Verde office with as much information as possible.